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New Stuff 12.11.2014

Saint Blaise wolks down  Stradun. Dimensions ca 80x30x40cm.

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New Stuff 07.09.2012


As we speak, all Croatian (and other) Vespa lovers are gathering in Dubrovnik for their annual meeting  Crovespa 2012. We made awards for driving skill competition, longest...

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New Stuff 19.12.2012


We love end of the year. Business goes slow. Everybody stop by to say ‘Hi’. Off course, our annual vacation is just around the corner.

And  we got...

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New Stuff 20.03.2013



International Water Polo Tournament “Tomo Udovičić” is for the younger players but we see it as a great opportunity to choose our future favorites!


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New Stuff 24.05.2013


Today is World Day of Women Entrepreneurs. This is how this year's awards look like. They are awarded by the Croatian Association of Business Women "Krug" at today's...

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New Stuff 04.10.2012


We really liked the idea with real tennis ball. Client wanted the other way. Dust issues. We still like the real ball idea and we got ourself  a picture of it.


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New Stuff 08.08.2012


This is how summer should look like! Boats are illustrated by our dear friend and great graphic designer Davor...

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New Stuff 14.11.2012


Forget about Rolex, Breitling and Tag Heuer. It is time for Be°C.

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