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Custom design

Great projects always include great clients.
Sometimes it is a good idea. Sometimes they just have confidence.
But it is always having a great time together.

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On the Plate

Graphically reworked old plates. 

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Church in Postranje

Church made of glass.

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This year Linđo celebrated 50 years. Whole city celebrated with them.

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Rocket in space...

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Inspite our friend and carpenter Miro who worked with us on this project, we managed to finish it! :-)

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We Like!

Prizes for incentive trip activities. 

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Skala and Zrinski

These days we envy everyone who has time to take Skala or Zrinski to Island of Lokrum.

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Awards for Female Entrepreneurship


This is annual award for best Croatian women entrepreneurs. 

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AP Jadran


New Atlantska plovidba’s ship, AP Jadran  is getting ready for its baptizing. As tradition dictates, first captain gets a golden key, and the invitees a glass vessel. To the ship and its crew we wish  calm seas.

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Tennis tournament


We really liked the idea with real tennis ball. Client wanted the other way. Dust issues. We still like the real ball idea and we got ourself  a picture of it.


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Sometimes we really feel as a shipyard. That is why we are looking forward when clients want some other mean of transportation. Plains, trucks, even cruisers.

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Children's names


Name as a detail in children’s room…

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Dubrovnik International Photo Salon 2012


These are awards for Dubrovnik International Photo Salon 2012. We love foto club “Marin Getaldić” for their enthusiasm. They worked really hard and ended up with one of the biggest photo exhibition in Croatia.

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Orange Tree


Our task was to bring in some of beautiful Villa Gorica’s exterior into its lobby. We made orange treetop, put it on real orange trunk and placed Villa on the hill. Height of installation is ca 1,65m.

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Coffee Table


Sometimes we’re lucky and we get great customers who believe in us. This coffee table is for one of them. This couple now have small kid. We hope the table will survive his childhood. 

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Over the years we made lots of animals. These are some of them.

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Mary Anne's Dubrovnik


These are all Dubrovnik details that Mary Anne likes. Porporela, church on Gorica, Karaka, Saint Blaise on city walls, Stradun and Old City Port. Whole installation is ca 85cm high and  2m wide. 

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Korčula made in glass. Dimensions ca 50x50 without the frame.

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Konavle Woman


Women in Konavle's national costumes can still be seen on streets. They always look so timelessly beautifully.

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