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Be°Craft is a glass and ceramics studio.

We produce anything ranging from small objects in limited series, all the way up to custom designs and artistic installations.
Our projects are exciting opportunities for gathering craftsmen, artists and friends. br /> At the end of the day, it is all about making nice things.

Workshop photo gallery

Meet Be°C

Niko Čučković

Founder and Designer

Niko Čučković

Niko creates all of our designs and takes care so that everything looks really good.
If by some chance you end up waiting a little bit extra on your custom design, it is probably because Niko is attending a Pearl Jam concert.


Iva Jurić

Co-Founder, Bussines Dev. Manager

Iva Jurić

Iva takes care of all the clients and all the deadlines. Trying to keep everybody and everything up to date.
A passionate foodie. Whenever she's not in the workshop, you'll find her in the kitchen.

Pavo Ivanković

Production Assistant

Pavo Ivanković

A stone and glue expert, Pavo makes sure all pieces stick together.
Also, he's more than meets the eye: Trekkie, organic farming practitioner and amateur actor.
Famous one.

What we do?

It is all about crafting.

When design is done, we put a sketch on a dusty workshop wall and, just for the moment it stands there, looking impossible.
But when that moment is over, everything turns into a rollercoaster.

More designs, discussing techniques, allying our carpenter, stonemason, illustrator or printing guy. Testing stuff. Breaking stuff. Pushing on towards the deadline.

The conclusion eventually arrives when the piece finally emerges from our kiln and we can proudly take a photo, wrap the piece and hand it over to the client.

Than we move onto another design.

Nagrade u Hrvatskoj:

2005-Zlatne ruke-Ministarstvo gospodarstva
2008-Kvarner Expo '08, Opatija
2012-Kvarner Expo '12, Opatija

Izložbe van Hrvatske

2004 – BEČ, glass collection
2009-13°feira de artesanato da Maia,
Porto, Portugal


2009-Uvjerenje o umjetničkom obrtu, HOK

From the workshop

Where are we?

Contact us to find out how our business can help your business. gdje smo


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Phone: +385.20.312646


Be°Craft is a certified Artistic Craft Studio.

All objects made under Be°Craft Project are copyrighted. Some of them are protected as industrial designs as well.
Our designs and ideas often get copied.

As to the issue of violation of copyright and unauthorised use of design, we take it very seriously.
Any attempt of violating our copyrights and other authorial rights will be processed in court.

Bear in mind that the violation of copyrights and other rights can result in high financial compensations and penalties, along with high court costs that are borne by violator as a rule.