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For Your Home - Bowls.

Dazzle your guests! Bring in the light and gorgeous colors into your dining room with these unique and original centerpieces made of Murano glass. A masterfully rendered and designed, elegant and functional centerpiece will attract looks and cheer up the most gloomy of days with its color spectrum. All of our products, including centerpieces – whether bowls or plates – are handmade, produced by a contemporary glass fusion technique.


Remember when our grandmas used to keep the biggest and most beautiful bowls on top of their cupboards, pulling them out only on the very special occasions? Well, those times are gone. Our modern, multifunctional bowls, plates and dishes are made to satisfy many functions: from serving food to being the impressive centerpieces.

For family and guests. Let your dining table shine forth with the elegant centerpiece, both an eye-catching decoration and a dish for serving fruits, cakes and else.
A memorable gift for memorable occasions. For weddings, birthdays and all festive occasions. Cheer up your family and friends with an original Be Craft centerpiece, made by glass fusing, with the option of applying any motif or message you choose.
Combining colors and shapes towards the desired effect. Our centerpieces can be done in the entire spectrum of colors, in various shapes and dimensions. Any of your ideas regarding motifs, patterns, messages, and logos can be applied to the centerpiece. Choose monochromatic, bichromatic, motley, organic or geometric patterns or some recognizable symbol or message. You can take all these into account when you start thinking of your future favorite centerpiece. Talk to us, we shall listen and make your desires come true.
Small series for added value. The small series of centerpieces in various dimensions, connected with colors or ornaments, make an outstanding and effective decoration in any space and yet serve various utility functions as well
Empty your pockets in style. Our centerpieces – plates and bowls – can be a great place for jewelry and all those tiny things from your pockets, like keys. Tame the mess and empty our pockets in style!


The important place in the history of glass is occupied by casting glass objects from molds made of clay or plaster. This technique enables the combinations of motley glass stripes, with the option of creating all kinds of openings, decorations or even mosaic. Ancient Romans preferred this technique when producing their spectacular bowls, considered as paragon and ideals by the later Venetian master glassmakers. The oldest preserved glass bowls are over 2.000 years old and come from the Middle East.