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Business Gifts Guide Part 2: Bussines or Personal?

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Business Gifts Guide Part 2: Bussines or Personal?

Last time we talked about different classes of business gifts and the benefits of their personalization. Now we’re going into more detail regarding how to achieve that business gifts wow-effect.



Business etiquette experts recommend not leaving the task of business gifts for the holiday season. This time of the year is rather stressful for lots of people. Therefore, even if your business gifts stand out from many other givens and received things, there is a good chance that it will undeservedly remain under the radar.
Another thing to consider: by giving gifts out of the holiday season, you send out a clear message that you think about a recipient throughout all the 12 months, and not just at the year’s end!


In this matter every business person, first and foremost, justifiably and rationally – considers the available budget. Budget is often the first thing we go through with our clients. Then we move onto the targeted recipient, client’s own wishes and ideas, our solution … all the way to the final products.
Money aside, what is this exaggeration about? An exaggerated gift would be misbalanced, in a sense, it would emphasize exclusively your own company, and wouldn’t take into account recipient – whether employee or business partner. Or vice versa.
This is where we enter the sphere of gifts’ fine-tuning. Superb business gifts will accentuate all the values of your company, include your message to the recipient, emphasizing the latter’s values and virtues. This triple tuning of business gifts is something that can be is achieved only via personalization.
For instance, when it comes to your own employees or colleagues, you will probably have a very precise “business gift coordinates“. With partners, you aim at different balance: you want to give a business gift that will remind them of you, possibly contain your logo or corporate colors and still fit with their needs or business premises.


Some believe the devil is in the details, while we believe details are about joy!
Glass in an incredible material, offering almost endless possibilities in regard to the colors, size, shape, application, function, design and overall impression. Personalized business gifts demand creativity from the initial concept, through communication with the client and design down to the final production. In this matter making the business gifts very much overlaps with a manner in which we manufacture customized products.


Choosing business gifts is one of those occasions when mixing business and pleasure is a must!:-) True, it’s about business, but this doesn’t mean the whole process shouldn’t be fun – on contrary! At BeCraft we believe this fun is not limited only to sketches and color samples but embraces our communicational exchange, that enables us to produce your perfectly personalized business gifts. A memorable, inspiring, timeless gift that you will able to give away with pride and confidence, to your partners and employees alike.

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