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Business Gifts Guide Part 1: Bussines or Personal?

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Business Gifts Guide Part 1: Bussines or Personal?

The answer to the above question is both! A business gift has to be personalized because, just like any other gift, it is meant for people.
Business gifts can be a great investment into good business relations, marketing, and promotion. In this short series of blog posts, we will cover basic dos and don’ts of business gifts lore.


Here in BeCraft, we manufacture handmade business gifts for other companies and businesses. Of course, we also give business gifts to our partners as well. These were all kinds of business gifts – from those we made ourselves, to combinations of ours and other’s products, from elegant to wacky, from functional to the purely decorative.
Business gifts come in different classes, and not just in regards to the price – though the price matters. If it’s your own employees than the gift is about congratulating (the best employee of the year), wishing good luck (promotion, birthday, wedding…) or saying thank you (business anniversary or retirement). Business partners and suppliers belong to the other class since here you are considering a business gift that will a keep your own company atop their minds throughout the year or even many years to come.
Regardless of the above said, the most important division is to mass-produced and personalized business gifts.


For us, business people, none of our partner companies and suppliers are faceless entities. They have human faces – that of individuals we make business with, people we regularly email, phone, Skype, encounter at conferences and meetings. For us, all those companies are people we know by name, people who have their own needs, preferences, different dreams and goals… This simply means that non-descript, uniform, drab and impersonal gifts are definitely out!
All in all, in order to fulfill its purpose a business gift has to be anything but drab. Even a small degree of personalization will give a unique touch to each and every business gift.


All solid business gifts formulas have one common denominator: successful personalization. Personalization guarantees exclusivity, often to a much bigger degree than the sheer luxury of some object.
In a world that is flooded with mass-production, the personalized custom-made business gift acts like a little lighthouse. And a permanent reminder which will provoke positive association with your partner or employee during the entire year – and in case of BeCraft’ products even longer.

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