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Handmade glass clock is a true artwork on the wall or table in your home or business premises. We like to think that each glance cast upon the clock has to be pleasant, even when time – for any reason whatsoever – ticks too slow or too fast!


With digital clocks, time seems to be everywhere. It’s on our laptops. On our mobile phones. On our wristwatches. On our cars’ dashboards. Seconds flicker relentlessly, and somehow it seems we have less and less time. True, digital clocks are cool, precise and futurist but seldom attractive, as opposed to the analog clock with hands.

In Be Craft, we believe that a clock – besides showing the right time – should be attractive as well. Each of our clocks made by glass fusion is an original piece that will glow and radiate on any wall and any table. We can apply any motif or pattern of your liking to any of our clocks. These motifs can be geometric, figurative, landscape, symbols, messages, logo… No need to hinder your imagination.


Choose a new and fair timekeeping device for yourself, your family members, friends or business partners.

For your loved ones. Delight your friends or family with a clock that will cheer up their favorite room or place.
For anniversaries, weddings and birthdays. Express your best wishes and congratulate anniversaries, wedding and birthdays with a beautiful handmade clock, a true little artwork in any color, shape or dimension of your choice. The chosen occasion can be additionally accentuated by applying a sign or message of your choice.
Memorable business gift. Introduce light and color into the uniform business premises or office with a handmade wall or table clock. The unique clock is definitely a very welcome gift, something that will always remind your business partners of your good business connections. We can manufacture clocks in your corporate colors, with any logo or message of your choice. An extraordinary business gift, a handmade clock made of Murano glass clearly speaks how much you care about your business partners or employees.


The original bell tower of Dubrovnik with the clock was constructed in 1444. The clock was flanked by two mechanized puppets stroke the hours. The citizens of Dubrovnik fell in love with these two green bronze jacks and soon nicknamed them Maro and Baro. Each of these bronze figures is 191 cm tall. Maro and Baro are actually part of a huge European family of mechanic bell strikers, also known as Jacquemarts, that can be seen on the churches and clock towers across The Old Continent. The bell strikers of Dubrovnik are unique in Croatia. In Europe, they are the most southern Jacquemarts. Due to the climate conditions and ravages of time, Maro and Baro have been replaced four times. Since the 15th century to this day, they have stricken the bell over 25 million times.