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Be°Craft Projekt

Petra Krešimira IV 31 / Dubrovnik / Croatia

+385 20 312 646

Be°Craft is the studio for glass design and production. It is founded more than 15 years ago. We have been designing, cutting glass and fusing ever since. We are all about artistry and skill of handcrafting.

During those time we have been awarded as a significant contributor in Dubrovnik craft, certified as an only art craft in this region by Croatian Chambers of Trades and Craft, and had several exhibitions.

Our favorite is Murano glass. Of all the glasses we worked with, it has the widest range of colors. It is a quality hard to resist. We make everything we can. From small souvenirs, through small statues, business presents to big and demanding installations.

Customization is one of our expertise. You come to us and bring your idea and we pour it into the glass. Such a project can sometimes be done in a few days and sometimes it can take a year of designing, probes and tuning to get the final product. Every challenge is welcome.

We are Dubrovnik based. It is easily seen in our work since the City and St. Blaise are so often the motifs we do. Our Mediterranean heritage can also be seen in vivid and bright colors we use. Sun and light of this area are so important part of our work. Glass without light becomes dull and boring material. And with just one ray of sun, it gets alive again.

The head of our small team is Niko Čučković. With the degree in product design and years of work in Italy and States, he founded this studio in 2004. He is our leading designer and a huge fan of Pearl Jam and craft beer.

Pavo Ivanković is master of drilling, grinding and gluing. He is our stonemason and expert for very “dirty” work. He is a proud father of 5 amazing boys.

As a graphic and web designer, Iva Jurić is in charge of every silkscreen we use. She is also our logistic, administration and supply officer.