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Which is the best time of the year for a business gift? Business experts say any time of the year!

The carefully chosen business gift will keep your company top of mind all year.
First business gift rule: gift those that contribute to the prosperity of your company. These are primarily your business partners, clients, employees, and suppliers. The business gift does not have to be stern and formal. On the contrary, it can be creative and occasion-related: a pleasure to give and pleasure to receive!


Be Craft has years of experience in making customized, handmade business gifts for all business occasions. Let us list a few:
Gifts for business partners, on any occasion.
Awards and plaques for employees.
Promotional gifts.
New Year’s and Christmas business gifts.
Gifts for various MICE events such as congresses and conferences.
Gifts for team programs.
Gifts for incentive programs.


In Be Craft, we believe in personalization of all of our products. We are very happy to listen to your desires, to apply your brand logo, colors, dimensions or any other parameters of your choice.

You already have an idea for a perfect business gift, but are not quite sure how to realize it? You want your business gift to be elegant and inspiring at the same time? A gift that will also promote your company values? Perhaps you have questions about budget issues and price? You do not want just another ordinary business gift? You have a concept, but you’re still not sure how to realize it? You would like to adjust one of the products from our standard collections to your needs? Or perhaps you want something completely new and original?

No problem at all!

The business gift has to be a perfect representative of your company, impressive yet appropriate, an object that everyone will want to display on a visible place, something that will always evoke positive associations.


Anniversaries, promotions, awards and recognition for participating in team programs are but a few occasions when you want to express gratitude to all your employees and strengthen corporate team spirit. Be Craft will help you to customize such gifts and make it so much more than an ordinary recognition by producing a truly beautiful object that will always radiate motivation.


Be Craft philosophy of business gifts in a nutshell: a modern and dynamic design for modern and dynamic companies! Our design and production satisfy the highest standards of art craft. We use only the highest quality Murano glass, joining traditional craft techniques with contemporary design.

We have created business gifts for a number of Croatian and international companies including, but not limited to, Red Bull, Deichmann, and Ford.


During the Renaissance period, Dubrovnik was a center of intentional trade, especially in fabrics and spices. Craftsmanship was very developed and products were exported and imported through lucrative trade routes in Dubrovnik’s hinterland. The city was home to many masters and artisans. The oldest craft in Dubrovnik was carpentry, whose guild goes back to the 13th century. Besides carpenters, tailors, and blacksmiths, the city had lots of civil engineers, masons, and stonemasons. Some of these craftsmen lived in houses that also served as their workshops. Other rented places for business at the ground level of the city’s buildings or simply sold their goods on the open markets. Dubrovnik had lots of goldsmiths and silversmiths. For the sake of close trade and tax supervision, the city government ordered they all have to live in a single street, the so-called Goldsmiths’ Street. Their business flourished because jewelry and clothing woven with golden and silver threads were rather popular among the aristocracy. Wealthy women often wore silver umbrellas or head covers adorned with gold threads. Golden necklaces, sometimes several meters long, were the obligatory accessory for wealthy men and a token of their status. One entertaining proof of the wealth and high art craft standards of the time can be found in a letter that Marin Držić, the greatest writer of Croatian Renaissance, wrote to the great Italian ruler Cosimo Medici in 1556. In this letter, complained how the government of Dubrovnik displayed a lack of taste by sending the viceroy of Sicily a washing basin made of silver which, in writer’s opinion was an inappropriately cheap and tasteless gift for the occasion.