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How to Buy Best Souvenir Gifts for Your Friends and Loved Ones

How to Buy Best Souvenir Gifts for Your Friends and Loved Ones

The best souvenirs are memory capsules, little containers that make our hearts smile every time we look at them. Things that whisper, or shout for that matter: “Take me with you…”, things that keep on emitting the good vibes, for many years to come. Simple as that. Take this into account and choosing the perfect and meaningful souvenir gifts for your loved ones will be great fun!


You’re off for a fantastic vocation and still think of your friends and family back home. You want to share your excitement and show them your care and love. Buying souvenir gifts for the loved ones can be fun, like a sweet conspiracy. Still, there are some things you might want to take into account. Put some thought into your gifts. Try to imagine in your friend or loved one taking the same trip. What would they buy? Will it fit their home or office? Will they be proud to showcase it? If you can’t make up your mind, then it’s best to follow a single golden rule is: don’t buy anything you wouldn’t like to receive.


Do some research on the location you’re visiting. A little background in culture and customs goes a long way, broadens your perspective and eases your choice when it comes to buying a perfect souvenir for your friends and family.
Take Dubrovnik for example. It is Instagrammer’s dream. It is known worldwide. It is a UNESCO Heritage site. It has very distinguishable symbols and souvenirs, like St. Blaise. Still, it’s a thoroughly Mediterranean place, and, just like any other ancient city on the shores of the Mare Nostrum, as Romans used to call it – lives of the sea and by the sea. Hence, all sea-things, like sailboats and ships and even fish are a sure bet.


We love Valentine’s day, but romantic gifts are always in, all year round. When traveling on your own, you’ll definitely want to bring back some special souvenir for your partner. How about choosing something that both of you will use, share and enjoy together, something that is not just decorative, but also functional – say a bowl.


When buying souvenirs gifts, know the rules. Buy something that will not end you in jail. Customs have very strict regulations about edible and perishable items, even about some seemingly innocuous things like beach sand or gravels. The next thing is the transport. This is where it’s best to remember that small is beautiful. Therefore, think small, think something that will fit your luggage. However, if you fall in love with something bigger, don’t’ worry. Lots of art & craft shops deliver their products worldwide, and so do we. These days, there are many travelers who buy their souvenirs online, sometimes even prior to their trip. It is also a perfect option in case you forgot to buy a souvenir gift for one of your loved ones.


Whether you like to plan all the details or even shop souvenirs in advance, or if you’d rather let the destination and its souvenirs surprise you, don’t forget to have fun. Bring in curiosity and exploration, and both you and gift recipients are bound to have a great time!