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Sailboats in all sizes are some of the most popular Be Craft products. Sought as the gifts for all occasions, including business gifts. Available in a multitude of colors, shapes, and sizes. Made of Murano glass, with a stone base. We can apply any motif you desire on any of the sailboats.


Be Craft sailboats are produced in many colors, shapes, and sizes. This fleet of unique, handmade design glass products comprises something for everyone.

From really small sailboats (size S) only 9 cm high, all the way to large sailing ships (size XXL) reaching 40 cm. Naturally, sails come in a huge color palette – form monochrome, to bichromatic to those motley ones. We can apply any motif of your choice to any of the sails. It goes without saying – motifs of Dubrovnik are in high demand.

Charming design and flawless handmade production made those Be Craft sailboats and sailing ships the sought-after souvenirs and the great gifts for all occasions.


Perhaps you’re looking for a business gift with a positive message, a gift that has that something, an X Factor? One of the reasons why our Sailboats collection is in such high demand is that we can apply practically any motif, logo or message on the sails. In this manner, these vivacious ships and boats transform into an ideal business gift for your employees and partners. This is an ideal business gift, suited for anniversaries, individual or team rewards, MICE events, and various team bulldozing occasions.


Back into the 19th century, the fleet of Dubrovnik Republic had as much as 40.000 sailors and more than 180 large sailing boats, as one of the strongest and biggest fleets of the time in the whole of the world! The sailing ships from Dubrovnik were in such high esteem that they found a way into the plays by William Shakespeare, who referred to them on several places as Argosy, which means a ship form Ragusa, that is Dubrovnik. though the era of magnificent sailing ship that ruled the 7 oceans are long gone, to this very day there’s always at least one carrack anchored in the Old Dubrovnik’s ports. Of course, this day it is flanked by many modern sailboats…Because, the love of wind and sun never dies!