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There a saying that all the cities have their patron saint, except for Dubrovnik. Because, in Dubrovnik, patron saint has its own city! There’s practically no home in Dubrovnik that has no portrayal or statue of city’s patron St. Blaise. St. Blaise is a truly authentic, iconic symbol of Dubrovnik and one of the most beloved Be Craft’s motifs. It is very often commissioned, in different rendering, by citizens of Dubrovnik as well as by its visitors – whether as a modern souvenir or a unique gift for the family, friends or business partners.


St. Blaise is by far the most beloved and best souvenir of Dubrovnik. St. Blaise has been providing protection and many other gifts to Dubrovnik over many centuries. In return, Dubrovnikers honor their saint in many ways and love to give their guests gifts that portray St. Blaise in one form or another.

St. Blaise is sought-after in all colors and sizes, but never without his recognizable miter, cane and of course – beard. It is no wonder that our St. Blaise collection of gifts and souvenirs keeps constantly growing!

If you take a look inside this collection, you’ll discover St. Blaise in many forms, dimensions and in all the exuberant colors of Dubrovnik. All the products from St. Blaise collection are made from the highest quality Murano glass, on a base of wood or stone. We also apply the portrayals of St. Blaise onto various decorative and functional glass pieces.

There’s St. Blaise carrying Dubrovnik in his heart or in his arms, St. Blaise walking down Stradun, St. Blaise for the lovers of vivacious colors and ornaments, and also St. Blaise in the simple, bi-chrome combinations. Sometimes his figure is adorned by many details, at other times it is rather minimalist in nature. Sometimes it is a sculpture, and sometimes it is applied to the various luxury plates made of Murano glass.

This beloved motif can be applied to the decorative glass bowls or plates, but also in any other way you may choose.

The original souvenir from Dubrovnik, a unique gift for all occasions, also an outstanding business gift, each glass design object from St. Blaise collection is made from supreme quality Murano glass and follows the basic philosophy of contemporary Be Craft design, accentuating form, light, color, and movement.


The citizens of Dubrovnik often say that nothing good happens in Dubrovnik without the blessing of their patron St. Blaise. And the legend says it has been so ever since the long gone 972 when this saint prevented the Venetian invasion of Dubrovnik. Throughout the long and turbulent history of The Republic of Dubrovnik, its rulers and aristocrats never got their own monuments or busts, as this right was reserved exclusively for St. Blaise. “In the name of St. Blaise laws were proclaimed, money was forged with his figure on it, under his flag sailed the ships and emissaries were sent to faraway lands, his statues wakefully guarded the city walls, observing every traveler and newcomer, his pictures watched from every home’s corner, preventing many misfortunes and crimes.“ St. Blaise reconciled commoners and aristocrats, merchants and farmers, towards the common good of the Republic’s prosperity. His truly generous nature is fully revealed during the Festivity fo St. Blaise, when he forgave even the offenders, who were allowed to join the festive procession pageant, which was Inscribed in 2009 on the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.