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Ships and sailing boats are among the most popular Be Craft products. Sought as the gifts for all occasions, including business gifts. Available in many colors, shapes, and sizes. Made of Murano glass, with a stone base. We can apply any motif of your choice to any of the ships and sailing ships form this collection.


Murano glass is an emotional material, almost without limits, a material that changes regarding the light source or a point of view, just like sea, wind or our inner world. Transparency, optical effects, color depth, tactility that brightens up and calms down at the same time. Those are also the features of this versatile and growing collection comprising sailing ships, modern cruisers, merry vessels with chimneys, famous medieval carracks, and the beloved Dubrovnik’s boats M/S Skala and M/S Zrinski that transport passengers everyday from a pier under the City Walls to the Island of Lokrum and back.

All in all, this flotilla of unique, handmade glass design products, made of Murano glass and stone, has something for everyone.

Small, bigger and large sailing ships. Just like with real sailing ships, these too have specially tailored sails, not from the canvas but from the glass. And all those spinnakers, jibs and genoas constantly glisten under the sun, lifted by the wind and pointing at horizon, regardless of their placement. Available in various sizes (S, L, XL, XXL, XXXL), from 9 to 40 cm. Murano glass upon a stone base.
Navikule. Ships made of Murano glass, on a wood base. With chimneys breathing out merry white clouds. Just like any other ship these, too, have their own, very peculiar characters.
Branded sailing ships. The sail is a perfect place for any motif of your choice. Ideal for personalized business gifts.
Sailing ships with the motifs of Dubrovnik. A special version of our most popular product. We can apply practically anything to the sails, and Dubrovnik is in high demand.
Ships in various combinations. Popular ships with clocks are an excellent example of various possible combinations.


Perhaps you’re looking for a business gift with a positive message, a gift that has that special something to it, an X Factor? One of the reasons why this collection is in such high demand is that we can apply practically any motif, logo or message on any of those ships. In this manner, these spirited sea vessels are transformed into the perfect business gifts for your employees and partners. Ideal business gifts, suited for anniversaries, individual or team rewards, MICE events, and various team building occasions.


The prosperity of the historical Republic of Dubrovnik was largely a result of its successful naval orientation and worldwide trade. This is perhaps best illustrated by The Statue of Dubrovnik dating from 1272, which lists many provisions regarding the maritime industry, port taxes, duties and salaries of sailors and the limits of ship cargo. The Statute also mentions various types of ships, such as lignum, navigium, navis, galley, barcusium, kondura… The pride of Dubrovnik’s shipbuilding industry were carrack and galleon, considered the best trading sailing ships of their era due to their supreme construction and naval characteristics.