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Glass is a magical union of opposites. Resistant, yet elegant and sensitive, glass provides an efficient barrier that nevertheless allows the passage of light. It is simply great in combination with any natural or artificial material. It can be functional and decorative. Looking at a glass object, it is hard to imagine that it once was a burning hot liquid that could be shaped into almost any imaginable form. This is the actual basis for our special custom projects made of Murano glass.

Perhaps you have visualized a utility or decorative glass object, an installation, a new piece of furniture with glass embedded – but you’re still not sure whether it can be made at all? Its seems too bold, or even impossible? We shall carefully listen to your ideas and requests. Whether you have a rounded idea or just a starting concept or have doubts concerning budget – please feel free to contact us! Together, we shall elaborate your original concept and turn your idea into tangible reality.


To cut a long story short: if your order can be made by glass fusion technique, we shall make it. Yours is just to state your wishes, and ours is to transform them into the unique glass object. Be Craft has 15 years of experience in producing custom and special projects in all dimensions.
Here are a few examples:

Vistas and landscapes. Your favorite vista or landscape, real or imagined, can be transformed into wall installation, with or without a frame.
Tools, symbol, and instruments. The saying goes: “Right tool for the right job!” Over the years we have made a whole range of instruments for musicians, whether as sculptures, clock, plates or in other shapes. Of course, we have done pieces for teachers, sportspeople, captains and car mechanics.
Dubrovnik forever and ever. Popular Dubrovnik’s symbols, vistas, buildings or your own very special places in Dubrovnik. Shapes and dimensions of your choice: wall installations, sculptures, or whatever your heart desires. It is hard to list all the examples, but we will nevertheless single out the sculpture of women from Konavle.
Silkscreen applications on china, ceramics, and glass. An excellent choice if you wish to give new look to something old or personalize one of the products from our standard collections.
Wall installations and intarsia in various dimension for home and office. Wall installations, installations, and intarsia that fit into furniture or shelves. Abstractions, landscapes or anything else. Unlimited dimensions, from installations that cover the entire wall to decorative Murano glass tiles to embellish and give your own touch to kitchen or bathroom.
Original coffee tables. Custom made glass surface will transform your favorite piece of furniture into a 100% unique object. Large choice: in one, two or many colors, with decorations and applications.
Unique glass surfaces for all kinds of doors. Outstanding effect for your home! Custom designed and handmade glass for all kinds of doors, kitchen, and other cabinets.
Clocks. We make wall and table clocks in all colors, sizes, and shapes, applying any motif of your choice.
One of a kind combinations. Our clients frequently demand an entirely new combination, solution or design, such as a piece composed of clock and sculpture.


Special custom orders are our favorite creative challenge. Each of those is a story on its own. Your desires and suggestions enable us to create 100% original glass objects.


Naturally occurring volcanic glass (obsidian) was used back in Stone Age to make knives and arrowheads. It was also used as jewelry and a primitive form of money. Though a Roman scholar Pliny reported that glass was being produced some 5.000 years ago, archeological evidence suggests that man begun producing glass in Eastern Mesopotamia and Egypt around 3.5000 years B.C. Glass is actually made from liquid sand! Sand, which contains a large amount of silica, is heated up until it becomes a liquid which is then shaped. However, this is not something that can happen on a sunny day on a beach, as sand is melted at the amazingly high temperature of 1700°C.