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Be Craft has 15 years of experience in making the original sports medals, trophies, and plaques for all kinds of sport and other events, various clubs, organizations, and associations.

Our custom products range includes impressive and outstanding sports medals, trophies and plaques for the champions of all ages and classes, amateurs and professionals alike. We also make unique plaques and awards for organizations and associations of all kinds – hobbyist, recreational sports clubs, etc. Your organization might be working with children, or you might be running a dancing, mountaineering or bicycling club… Contact us and we shall turn your wishes and ideas into top-class handmade glass design products.


Our client’s portfolio comprises plaques for water polo judo, rowing and soccer, running, tennis and much else. We make medals and trophies for all possible sports occasions and competitions – from amateur and professional to local or prestigious international sports events.

Our clients include Red Bull, DUD Bowl, DuMotion as well as numerous Croatian sports clubs and events.

Medals. Crown of each and every sports battle! A moment when medals flash on winners’ chests is almost as exciting as the competition itself.
Trophies. Handmade trophies made of Murano glass will literally shine and underline the unique spirit of your sports event. And of each particular sport victory.
For professionals, amateurs, and fans. Actually, we love big medals. And some of the biggest medals we ever made were for sports events’ volunteers!


Each organization, club, and association lives its own story and its own team spirit. Joint rises and falls, and successful turns are just like birthdays and deserve a memorable token.

Awards for the bold ones. Plaques and awards do not have to be dull, uniform or somber. Be Craft makes exclusive and personalized objects that evoke your biggest successes.
For clubs and associations of all profiles. We can apply any motif, symbol, logo or message you choose. Those plaques and awards can be produced in any shape or dimension, in accord with your club’s or organization’s colors. Or any other parameters of your choice.


Every year the beaches of Dubrovnik become the site of Wild League, one of the world’s most famous amateur water polo tournaments that has been going on for over 80 years. Wild League is open to all the citizens of Dubrovnik who haven’t been water polo cubs’ members or haven’t competed in any official water polo match, regardless of age.