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TAKE ME WITH YOU is a playful and assorted Croatian glass design collection. All of these glass objects are made to travel away with you, whether as original souvenirs or gifts for all occasions. All the Be Craft products are handmade, produced by glass fusing from the highest quality Murano glass.


TAKE ME WITH YOU is a collection inspired by the Mediterranean, its colors, vistas, horizons, light, scents, fruits and – stories. Many think of old Mediterranean as a sort of an ancient highway that has been connecting three continents and was traveled day and night, by people, ideas and things. That is exactly how TAKE ME WITH YOU was conceived – as a treasury of “transportable objects that tell stories“. All in all, this is an outstandingly sunny collection, fully charged with Mediterranean colors and light.

Small and big pictures. The colorist blast of the most beloved Be Craft motifs on a transparent basis, that can be hanged and thus turned into true glass mobiles. All these pictures look both solo or as a group installation.
Plates. Plates with famous Venetian millefiori or murini application. Or without those, in diverse colors and some very contemporary options. Versatile. This pieces can be a decoration on their own or the stunning empty-pockets. This way, even a little bit of chaos can be stylish!
Small and big fish. The sea without fish is like the sea without salt. Therefore our Mediterranean-inspired collection comprises the entire shoals of fish. With their funny and various characters, colors, and sizes. Stone base prevents fish from swimming too far away.
Magnets. With sailboats. Or millefiori application. Playful on 24/7 base.
Sailboats and sailing ships. Our sails are tailored, just like those from real big ships. However, we do not cut them from the canvas but from the glass. And all those spinnakers, jibs and genoas are constantly glimmering, lifted by the wind and pointing at horizon, regardless of their placement.
Ships. On a wooden base. With chimneys breathing out merry white clouds. Every ship that has ever sailed the seas had her unique character. So do ours.
Small houses. In a row, with an occasional bell tower. On a painted wood base. Always facing the sun. Built-in the entire color palette, from deep and saturated to totally transparent tones. Dream houses. The memories of places, dialects and that very special rhythm of Mediterranean days.
Houses and ships. Two popular Be Craft motifs found a way to pair up, adding humor to a delicate balance between reality and perspective. An absolutely playful combination that can be multiplied to achieve spectacular effects.
Small, bigger and really big angels. Made of Murano glass and ceramics. With monochrome wings or wings glistening with millefiori elements. In all colors. Angels’ ruffled and absolutely unique haircuts will delight you, from any point of view.
Clocks. Table clocks, with a stone base. Immersed into waves or safely anchored ashore, guaranteeing seldom-serious hours and minutes.


TAKE ME WITH YOU is a glass design collection of versatile souvenirs and gifts for all occasions. If you’re not sure whom and where to give them, here are a few suggestions:

Romantic. Each product from this collection makes a perfect gift for a wedding couple or wedding guests, Valentine’s day and marriage anniversary. A great token of love for your very special person.
Globetrotter. A perfect souvenir. Like all experienced globetrotters, the products from TAKE ME WITH YOU glass design collection have a habit of ending up on all the world continents. 100% Croatian, designed and handmade in Dubrovnik.
Friendly. Ideal gift for birthdays or other special events in the life of your friends or family members.
Business-minded. Products from this glass design collections can be altered by applying corporative colors or logos. Ideal and unique business gifts that show appreciation for your business partners or employees. Or simply cheer up the visual monotony of your working space or office.
Home. Why not give a gift to yourself? This collection will infuse ever nook of your home with the abundant southern light. Every nook! From kitchen to the living room, from the bathroom to hallway, from work studio to bedroom.
4 seasons. It might be Christmas, it might be a graduation, a summer wedding or an October birthday. This glass design collection covers it all. Ideal gift for all 4 seasons.
Versatile yet simple. Lively and contemporary design and the beautiful transparent quality of Murano glass gives versatility to each and every product from this glass design collection. Adaptable to all occasions, ideal souvenirs, great decoration for any space.
Never the same. Twice so. Due to the specifics of glass fusion and Murano glass itself, we simply cannot make absolutely identical product twice. These differences are truly small, almost invisible – a barely visible, tiny blob there, a slightly different color nuance there… These unpredictable moments actually make all these glass objects unique. Besides, the shifts and changes of light during both day and night get constantly reflected in glass surfaces, continually uncovering different color nuances or accentuating texture.
One or more. All the products from TAKE ME WITH YOU glass design collection look great whether solo or in the group. For example, the hanging sculptures or pictures with popular Be Craft motifs can be installed on their own or in groups, anywhere. The common thread of contemporary design and unique appearance of Murano glass additionally ease grouping and the creation of various combinations towards the desired and unique atmosphere. In any space of your liking.


Glass objects have been traveling across the Mediterranean for over 3 millennia. Archeologists use glass objects to uncover antique trading routes and production development. By carefully studying the found glass artifacts and their chemical compounds, they stumbled upon some surprising discoveries which tell the stories of glass that traversed the thousands of miles, on ships and in caravans. Raw glass from a production site in the Levant would find its way to an old Roman city on the north of Apennine Peninsula or to a Christian basilica on Cyprus. Another time raw glass form Northern Adriatic would sail all the way down to Cartage, to the African shores and sometimes far into the hinterland. Just imagine a biography of an ancient Roman bowl that ended up in Saharan desert! We find it really interesting that glass was first used only as decoration. Ladies of yore simply adored necklaces and other jewelry made from glass. It wasn’t until later on that glass became widely used as a functional material that was transformed into tableware, windows, mosaics, votive gifts for temples and much else.