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A Very Dubrovnik Gift

Sveti Vlaho izrađen u Be craft radionici u Dubrovniku

A Very Dubrovnik Gift

Each year, on the 3rd of February, all Dubrovnikers – regardless of their religious or other affiliation – get out on the streets of their ancient city, dressed in their finest robes, or wearing the historical and folk costumes, waving city and church flags. They attend a mass held in the open, join the solemn procession, witness the release of white doves, sing and hang out together, enjoy the traditional local delicacies and exquisite wines. And they have been doing so for more than a thousand years, through all the long centuries and even the calamities that struck their home city, as this is the central event in Dubrovnik calendar, The Festivity of St. Blaise.

True, among all-things Dubrovnik, one is standing out: St. Blaise. Dubrovnikers love saying that all cities have their patron saint, except Dubrovnik. Because, in Dubrovnik, a patron saint has his own city!


This bond was born in a long-gone year of 972 when St. Blaise, according to the legend, protected Dubrovnik against Venetian invasion. Ever since then, Dubrovnikers firmly believe, nothing has happened in this city without the blessing of St. Blaise, from small domestic to large state affairs. Unlike many other cities in Europe, Dubrovnik – except on a single occasion – never erected a bust or a statue to a human, as the good of the community that is exemplified in this saint’s benevolent spirit was held above all individual merits and ambitions. So strong was this spirit of unity, that during his pageant even offenders and those who were exiled were allowed to revisit the city and join the festivity without repercussions.

As a recognition of this old yet living community-bonding practice, in 2009 The Festivity of St. Blaise got inscribed on the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage.


All in all, no wonder that today St. Blaise is the most beloved, quintessential and most authentic souvenir from Dubrovnik. No home in the city is without his picture or statue, and all Dubrovnikers simply love to give their guest gifts that portray their beloved protector in one form or another, on each and every occasion.

Our own St. Blaise collection has long ago proven to be an evergreen, sought-after by both citizens and visitors of Dubrovnik. The actual collection is as an ever-growing tribute to this beloved figure, in endless variations. If you take a look inside this collection, you’ll discover St. Blaise in many shapes and sizes and in all the vibrant hues of Dubrovnik.
You’ll find St. Blaise in vivacious colors and adorned with elaborate ornaments, or St. Blaise in a monochromatic or subtler palette. You’ll see him holding Dubrovnik in his heart or his arms, or walking down Stradun, the city’s main promenade. Or simply standing with his iconic miter, beard, and cane. You’ll also find St. Blaise as a sculpture or a wall piece, or applied to the decorative centerpieces and plates… All the items from St. Blaise collection are made from the highest quality Murano glass, and set upon a base of either wood or stone.

That said, don’t hesitate to ask! We’re here and will answer all your questions.