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If, like some famous globetrotters, you came to believe that Dubrovnik is “no less magical than Bruges of Venice“, you will certainly want to take a part of this ancient city with you. However, not all souvenirs are alike. The best souvenirs accomplish three tasks. The first is to recall the beautiful memories and the unique atmosphere of a place. The second regards the lifespan, as good souvenirs are not a one-time, short-lived fun. The third task concerns souvenir’s practical or decorative function.

Be Craft is proud to present its growing offer of original, handmade products, gifts, and souvenirs inspired by Dubrovnik, its stories, scenes, vistas, colors, and spectacular atmosphere.


As an original Dubrovnik-based traditional art craft, one of the very few in entire Duborvačko-neretvanska County, Be Craft invests great care towards the contemporary remake of traditional motifs and symbols of Dubrovnik.
Whether it’s gifts of souvenirs, Be Craft applies a simple formula: traditional motifs, modern design, craft precision.

Choose your own Dubrovnik.

Classical. City’s central street of Stradun and city’s saint protector St. Blaise are the evergreen motifs of Dubrovnik, loved by guests and natives alike. Of course, there’s Old Town, City Walls, Rector’s palace, Onofrio’s fountain, St. Lawrence and Minčeta Fortresses, Pile Gate, Ploče Gate, the municipal coat of arms and much else. Dubrovnik has no shortage of beautiful historic buildings.
Playful. For some people, the first association of Dubrovnik is a wild orange tree or a white sparrow. Applications with traditional embroidery from the nearby Konavle Valley are also very sought-after. For those believing that less is more, we have designed the stylized, small yet evocative and playful Dubrovnik details in Murano glass.
Precious. You want something spectacular and big. No problem: some of our works have been made from the thousands of small pieces of Murano glass.
Functional. Dubrovnik motifs pair perfectly with the functional objects. The champions in this class are certainly bowls, plates, and clocks of all sizes and shapes.


Dubrovnik is by far the most popular MICE destination in Croatia and the wider region. In case your company has chosen Dubrovnik to organize a conference, incentive or any other corporative event, business gifts with Dubrovnik motifs will present your company in the best possible light.
Each of Be Craft products from this collection can be customized to include your company logo or corporate colors, according to your parameters, demands, and budget.


You might have already heard that The Republic of Dubrovnik was the first state in Europe to ban slavery, back in 1406, or that it is home to the oldest European pharmacy, or that it was among the first states to recognize the sovereignty of USA. A little known fact is that Dubrovnik has the shortest river in the world. After 20 km of subterranean flow, Ombla River springs up to the surface near a rock known as Golubov kamen (Dove’s Rock), joining the Adriatic Sea after mere 30 meters! Dubrovnik waterworks has been using water from Ombla River ever since 1438.